In short we are a 16 peace band from Liverpool exploding with experimental, fat, funky, tight and downright Heavy music from:

.an unbelievably tight and funky three piece backline

.a big, bold, bright and bolshy Three piece horn section

.five rapid-fire, positive and interactive Mc’s

.a stunning female vocalist and

.a wizardly scratch dj

11 piece band based in Liverpool, UK. Leaping between genres: Hip Hop/Funk/Jazz/Ska/DnB/Afro Beat and much more jump in, the water’s lovely…

The Fire Beneath The Sea are a 11 piece band based in Liverpool. They have been tearing up the scene for the last year since their formation with their unique and dance floor destroying combination of high-octane, complex rhymes, incredible musicianship and an on-stage energy which never fails to whip the crowd into a frenzy. With their 4 MCs, female vocalist, and full 7 piece band including brass section and scratch DJ, they weave between genres (such as hip hop, funk, ska, jazz, DnB, swing, dub and anything else that takes their fancy) through their set and even throughout each track, with an emphasis on making people dance like lunatics. Now is the time to jump in the Sea with the Fire. If you haven’t already – where have you been?! Come join us, the water’s lovely…


Armen Starfish – Vocals
Llerraf Zafgir – Vocals
Terra Byte – Vocals
The Gerbil – Vocals
Lady Lea – Vocals
Captain Morgan – Drums
Barkerchop – Bass
Rojo Fyr Fox – Guitar
Barry Exanthematicus – Sax
Wraith of the Woods – Trumpet

What they say…

“Spiritual Health Warning”

Please be advised that listening to the music of the musical beat combo, popularly known as
The Fire Beneath The Sea may seriously improve your spiritual health.
Research has shown that attending a live concert performance by this assemblage of young people may lead to feelings of joy, happiness, euphoria and, even, ecstasy. Common side-effects can include (but are not limited to):
singing, dancing, having fun, enjoying yourself, and experiencing a general sense of well-being.


“At the Dirty Dozen, The Fire Beneath The Sea was astonishingly good. Songs like Glamour, Hips Go Wild, and Poor Little Fishy had everyone dancing and singing like crazy fools! It was the new song, Phuxubtlety, that did me in. Yeah, it’s that damn good! Which leads me to my complaint. This bunch of reprobates forced me into having a good time, against my will. They made me sing and dance so much, that I lost my voice (which is fun on a Monday Morning radio show!) I shall be taking that item up with them, next time I see them boys…In conclusion, join me in condemning these beatnik scallywags and insisting that any live performance of theirs is issued with the warning posted at the top of this page.”

“The songs are originals, intelligent, and well-crafted. Glamour and Poor Little Fishy, for example, are as good as anything else you’ll hear. Live, you cannot help but move to the beat. The sound is infectious and the performance has to be experienced. You don’t just watch, you take part.”

– Mark Potts, ‘The God of Thunder’ blog

“Despite barely being able to fit on the stage, each member contributes something unique, and is essential to the final product: a post-modern festival of quirk, which epitomises all that is Speakeasy, and in fact, the Kazimier.

A special hats-off to the drummer, who smashes a couple of solos and must have some serious skill to keep all that lot together, despite claims that “all you need is rhythm and a little bit of swing.”

These lads have got so much energy and movement that you just don’t know where to look, and each pause between songs looks like a perfectly framed tableau.

You think it can’t get much better than that until they play their trump card- a new female member struts out and steals the show with stunning vocals for their latest tune,Phuxebtelty. They 100% pull it off and the crowd is left wanting more.”

– Peter Guy, “GetIntoThis blog”, Liverpool Echo

“They picked a good opener with ‘Hips Go Wild’, a very catchy tune. If you can stand still to this tune, you are a robot, end of! Their talents seem limitless and with their bass slapping, dj scratching, funk and jazz clashing, rapping passion, they are wild. It’s amazing how in sync they are with a dj, guitars, drums, flute, trumpet, sax and a plethora of rappers/ beat boxers but it all flows in a mesmerising, mind- bending melodic mash up.

You could describe their genre of music as Ska, however it’s what I would describe as a trippy eclectic fusion of jazz meets funk, flipping the script with some happy rap. They have been compared to Madness…I would say the early 80s stuff such as the ‘Work, Rest, Play Ep’ and ‘One Step Beyond’ although I feel they are unique in their music style.

They finished their short set on ‘Glamour’ another belter of a tune! They are an exciting Liverpool band and not to be missed! Well FBTS, you were on FIRE and electric, and the deserving WINNERS of ‘The Hunger Games’. Yes, their shit hot performance stole the winning slot. I look forward to see what you bananas bunch bring out of Parr Street!”

– Becky Tavenor, ‘The LowDown’ Magazine

“Clue is in the name kids, and true to themselves, TFBTS with all of their…bloody loads of members, owned the stage in their typically crackers fashion. Always to be relied on for ludicrous lunacy, they looked as mad as a box of frogs in their clown make-up, moustaches and array of multi coloured wigs and hats – a visual delight of randomness.

Opening with Hips Go Wild, they had the eager crowd giving it beans and dancing their socks off. Witnessing the DJ spinning and scratching tracks in a one-shouldered leopard print dress was brilliantly bonkers. Meanwhile rapper Josh paraded about in a hat, goggles and orange life jacket, repeatedly thrusting a painted ram’s skull on a bamboo pole into the air like an unhinged leader of some new cult.

A cult that we would all want to be part of.

As they burst into Photosynthesis everyone was indulging in some serious skankin’, as they rapped “I’m keepin it scouse, got arms like trees an’ I’m reaching them out”. Their music is purely positive and creates a wave of happy vibes. Don’t Look Down saw a smashing drum solo from Chris Morgan. Followed by Glamour, with heavy bass lines from the clown face on the bass, Max, described by the band as ‘the funkiest man this side of West Yorkshire’, and a groovy sax solo from the man in the grey wig.

The genius gypsy style jazz music and lyrics vibrated through the place. Then the female singer of the band – ‘the rose between too many thorns’ – a beautiful, sequined, flower-wearing lady, appeared to lay down some stunning vocals on Phuxubtelty. They left the audience like gleeful game badgers, bouncing and buzzing.”

– Becky Tavenor, ‘The LowDown” magazine