Tamar McLeod Sinclair


Tamar is one of the few solo female artists from New Zealand who travels extensively to learn from other cultures and to share her music on an international level.  Her music has led her on an extra-ordinary journey from the islands of Polynesia to Australia, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, England, Scotland, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland and Israel, to the USA.

During five and a half years in Europe, Tamar trained and performed with highly acclaimed international artists, teachers, schools, theatre companies and festivals: Lisa Sokolov and the Stimmen Festival in Germany;  Peter K Elkus and L`Association Art Musique Européenne in France;  Ida Kelarova and the International School for Human Voice in Czech Republic;  Kal`i Cerchen (Black Star) of Gypsy Theatre Company Romathan in Slovakia;  Enrique Vargas and Teatro De Los Sentidos, (Theatre of The Senses) in Spain;  Ralf Peters of the Roy Hart Theatre, in Germany and Bentzion (B.Z.) Goldberg with The Tuscany Project in Italy.

Combining the deep experiences gained from her travels (including walking 1200kms on El Camino de Santiago), with her musical education in New Zealand (Massey University Conservatorium of Music in Wellington), Tamar works internationally as a singer, musician and composer.  She successfully completed the recording and production of her first international recording project The Heart Notes with co-producer Martin Kašpar in 2010, with musicians from 12 different countries at some of the music industry’s finest recording studios: Sono Records in Praha, Czech Republic; Blind Records in Barcelona, Spain and The Exchange Mastering Studios in London.  The Heart Notes was released in St Tropéz, France in September 2010.