Mr Free X

X member of Watttkomm crew / WKpeople - Jungle Therapy / Znootpoch and Jungle Raiders Recordings. Born in northern Italy in 1979 , he began his career as a DJ around 1993, influenced by the current Techno wave swapping over to Italy in those years. Over time and after several trips to London and Amsterdam he began to define his style with what was then called „Hard Techno“ , gaining access into clubs and discos when this music became increasingly popular and important in different areas of northern Italy . In 1998 he travelled to Costa Rica before that Raggamufin influenced music touched European soil, where he came back from in 2000 and then participated in several festivals all over Italy . In the year 2001 he presented himself at the famous „Full Moon Party“ in Koh Phangan , Thailand. In 2002 he decided to continue his musical career in Spain , where he first collaborated with different groups and then, in that same year founded Wattkomm that would be called WK People later on, an independent project that opens new horizons in the Electronic Underground of Spain , offering innovative services that promoted Dj's both domestic and international, with a weekly scheduled show spanning from Techno to Jungle , past the Hardtek Tribe, Breakcore and other styles whom still where not defined at that time. With his new project WK People he egan to experiment blending different contrasting styles , creating a special vibe in those session by mixing alternately a record of Ragga Jungle/Junglecore with a Hardtek Tribe he showed some of the first 3-Deck-Scratch-MCing Session in Barcelona. Throughout his musical career, he has shared shows with people like Heiko Laux, Abe Duque, Davide Squillace , Dj War, Krak in Dub , Pendulum , Congo Natty , Triky D , Der Dritte Raum , Crystal Distortion , Bass Line Circus , 8, to name but a fiew. In 2007 he graduated as sound engineer and that same year he released his first album on vinyl with „Jungle Therapy“, in a collaboration featuring Alborosie where he presented the „Herbalist Remixes EP“ a Ragga Jungle and a Dubstep version of Alborosie’s smash hit „Herbalist“ (Znootpoch 004) In 2009 a released his second Album on Jungle Therapy (Znootpoch) on vinyl „Dub Town“ (Znootpoch 015) always having his personal Dub Plate recordings from Alborosie. In 2009 2010 Mr. FREE X presents his skills and sounds around half the globe, touring North- & Central America, Switzerland till Latvia to mention some of them. In September of 2013 has released 4 new tunes on Vinyl – the „REAL ThING’X EP“ (Znootpoch 027) on Jungle April 2014 is going out with another bomb of an EP 4 tracks Nucleoroto NR10 - "Should Barbielon fall" - MrFreex - Digital EP Release - Mexico / Italy 2014.. Don’t hesitate to contact him for any musical needs. A true gem and skillfulled Artist on the loose, a beast behind the decks! Tour Booking & Information: availability : September / October / November 2013 Europe December / Jan 2013/2014 Asia January / April 2013/2014 America 
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On 12" Vinyls:
Jungle Therapy - Znootpoch 004 – "Herbalist Remixes EP
Jungle Therapy - Znootpoch 015 - "Dub Town EP"

Znootpoch 027 - "REAL ThING’X EP"

Jungle Therapy - Znootpoch 004 – "Herbalist Remixes EP"
Znootpoch 015 - "Dub Town EP"