qLeah Rosier (Amsterdam, NL) has been singing and playing guitar and piano since an early age. Influenced by her older brother she developed a passion for Reggae. As a teenager she started traveling the world to work as a model. She would spent most of her free time listening to Reggae, playing guitar, writing songs and learning how to use music recording software. Started a band with her brother but never left the jamroom, feeling too shy to sing in front of people. A trip to Jamaica made Leah even more passionate about Reggae and the culture and history behind it. The drive to overcome her shyness and get more confidence to share her music grew along the years and in 2010 she decided to put some of her songs online and started performing with a DJ. In April 2011 her first EP ‘The Real Leah' was released. A mail from Leah to Marlon Asher asking about the Ganja Farmer Riddim lead to a collaboration between the two: ‘Amsterdam' released in May 2011. Shortly after that she teamed up - also through the internet - with the band Rise & Shine from Besançon, France. Her song ‘Music Teach Me’ on their Opus Riddim was released in July 2011. In March 2012 the band invited Leah to Besançon and she spent 3 weeks rehearsing, performing and recording; a very productive and inspirational time. Now her wish to perform with a band got granted twice: she works with TwoRoots in Holland and Rise & Shine in France. In August 2012 Leah Rosier released her debut album “High Paw" on her own label Likkle Green. Ten tracks written by Leah on music by various bands and producers; PengCo Music (Trinidad & Tobago), Riddim Tuffa (UK), Not Easy At All Productions (NL), Skankin’ Monks (NL), Rise & Shine (FR), Speakah Productions ft. Natty D (NL/UK) and Dub Incorporation (FR). After recording all by herself for a long time, she really enjoys working and recording with other musicians and producers. In Amsterdam Leah has been working closely with Black Star Foundation who have been supporting her with their advice and guidance since one of her first gigs. They organized the tour for Marlon Asher and Leah Rosier in the Netherlands (Summer 2011). Amsterdam is also the base of Not Easy At All Productions who created the music that Leah used for two songs featured on her cd High Paw.