Sound artist and performer focused on contemporary digital music.
His project is based on a glitch sound research with many melodic additions, typical of ambient and IDM.
Kein music and soundscapes have been used by various experimental videoartists worldwide and he published recordings on Helvet Underground (Switzerland), Nuhar Records (Italy), Cinoci Records (UK) and several european netlabels. Kein took part in major new media and performing art events across Italy and rest of Europe, including:

Les Digitales 2012 (Switzerland)
Live Performers Meeting 2010 (Rome)
Flussi Festival 2010 (Avellino)
London Glitchnight 2008 (UK)
Kernel Festival 0/11 (Desio – Milan)
Brancaleone (Rome)
National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Novosibirsk, Russia) C.S.O.A. Officina 99 (Naples)
Vibe Bar (London)
Circolo degli Artisti (Rome)
Radio Contrabanda (Barcelona)
Opificio Telecom Italia (Rome)
Le Cabinet (Genève – Switzerland)
Museo ex manifattura tabacchi (Pescara)
X-Bass electronic festival (Naples)
Il Pagliaio (Rome)
Teatro Carlo Gesualdo (Avellino)
Echorek Dub Factory (Barcelona)
bESTIARIO ’09 (Rome)
La Terrasse du Troc (Genève – Switzerland)
Contestaccio (Rome)
Mumble Rumble (Salerno)