Camilla Luna Vazquez

2Camilla Luna Vazquez is a half Norwegian, half Uruguayan -Oslo based superwoman mostly known for her collaborations with Bazis on Wah Wah 45’s (as Luna & Bazis) and as the singer on the Metallic Italic track by Dance Disorder on Bpitch Control. After years of jamming with  musicians at Koeju in the legendary club Blaa in Oslo as well as singing with house dj’s in the clubs as  Jeager, the Villa & Turkish delights in here home town, she has reached an entirely new level of skilfulness. Her lasts works with The dub Master and Shakalab expanded her geographical and aesthetical panorama getting in touch with new and different styles with no kind of excitation. Camilla, the lady with an hot latin blood, Norwegian accuracy and futuristic attitude tha
t will blow your mind.
Shakalab feat. Camilla Luna Vazquez
A fruitful collaboration between the Sicilian reggae collective "SHAKALAB" and ·echorek which see once more in action the amazing Camilla Luna Vazquez bringing new life to the already well established combination style of the 5 piece band together with others artist such as Mama Marijas, Lion D, Sud Sound System, Bunna (Africa Unite) and Adriano Bono.
The dub Master & Camilla Luna Vazquez
The first work between The dub Master and Camilla Luna Vazquez and the first real approach of the Norwegian artist to reggae and dub music. Out of this encounter we taste an imaginary sonic experience made of futuristic shapes and environments together with deeply dub processed sounds and hypnotic grooves. The simple but effective voice of Camilla and the presence/absence of abrupt and sporadic intromissions of the Trombonof Josep Blanes mades this a wicked tune and a MUST PLAY in any heavyweight dub set.
"Dubber Than Pardise"
Music:   The dub Master
Lyrics:  Camilla Luna Vazquez
Brass:   Josep Blanes