Barcelona Ghana Revolution

It all starts when Rashid “Wari” Abubakar (a Ghanaian social worker and musician living in Barcelona) with the help of Xavi Salrà (member of Taller de Musics Foundation), gets in touch with former students of Taller de Musics in Barcelona to carry out his musical proposal and make a tour around Ghana during summer 2010.
The idea was to make a cultural exchange between Ghanaian and European musicians and at the same time, spread the work of Rashid’s NGO CEHDA through a series of concerts in Ghana and Spain. Once the band was finally formed, the group made the rehearsals during about two months preparing the songs composed and sung by Rashid and also Emmanuel Sherry aka Music Man (another Ghanaian singer in Barcelona), to finally achieve the repertoire of the band, a fresh and authentic Afro-Reggae style. The lyrics written by Rashid in Gonja, one of the Ghana multiple languages, talk about an African view of life and human behavior also based on the experiences and difficulties of moving from Africa to Europe.
The members of the band are:
Rashid “Wari” Abubakar (lead vocals), Xavi Salrà (tenor sax), Xavi de la Salud (trumpet), Alvaro Taborda (bass), Davit Italiano (drums), Alfred Tapscott (keyboards), Jordi Mestre (guitar), Inusah Ali (percussion), Leire Etxarri (vocals), Gemma Solés (vocals).

Tour and travel through Ghana

On 11th August 2010, the six Catalonian musicians arrived to the Ghana’s capital Accra, where they were waited by Rashid along with other CEHDA volunteers. The first days were devoted to know the life of the country, to successfully arrange a meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs Ghana (to explain the project and get a recommendation letter for CEHDA to make future tours in other countries) and to share musical experiences and knowledge with local musicians. On August 13th, the group headed to the second capital (Takoradi) to perform the first concert of the tour. In this first performance, Barcelona Ghana Revolution was joined by a popular local band leaded by Agia Koo, a famous Ghanaian actor and singer, in order to help increase the audience. The band had a huge reception before the concert, but a discreet presence of public expected during the performance. From that point the tour was reorganized, some dates were canceled and found other venues and locations. Finally Barcelona Ghana Revolution toured more discreet but intense throughout the country and experience sharing the stage with various local groups. Finally the tour reached its climax when the band was invited to participate in a massive party hosted by actor and singer Agia Koo in Kumasi. There the group was able to share the stage with some of the most popular bands in the country while being able to pass the Rashid’s message and music to more than 4,000 people.
Besides the tour, Barcelona Ghana Revolution also visited the little village of Sawla where NGO CEHDA is developing major activities. There we participated in some leisure activities organized by the NGO for Sawla children's needs. We also learned about the functioning of the NGO and finally organizing a concert in the village for the whole community.

Barcelona Ghana Revolution’s achievements and future projects

After the tour around Ghana, the group has made several actions in Spain to collect funds and spreading their message, some of them are:  the prestigious Barcelona’s music club “Luz de Gas”, at the main Tarragona’s Summer Festival “Santa Tecla”, Barcelona’s Raval Festival, Spanish TV program “TV2 in action”, the known Lleida’s Festival for emerging bands “Festinoval”, etc. The group aspires to participate in other European festivals while planning for a new African tour.
Recently the band has been awarded with the first price by the “Fundacion Autor” from the Spanish General Author Association ( at the Enraiza2 content for emerging world-music bands leaded by third world authors living in Spain.

Finally, at begining 2012 the band has been invited to record at the prestigious studio in Barcelona, Nomada 57 to produce an album with echorek dub factory.
Barcelona Ghana Revolution wants to be a bridge to bring Ghanaian artists to Europe and offer them the opportunity to play with a consolidated backing band providing access to concerts over passing the difficulty for many African musicians to play outside their country, thereby encouraging a cultural exchange between European and African musicians.
About the NGO CEHDA Ghana: