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THE HEART NOTES – Tamar McLeod Sinclair



Beginning with whispered Maori proverbs from her native homeland of Aotearoa, New Zealand, to rocking airports, lush strings quartet arrangements reflecting Tuscany landscapes, old gypsy melodies, jazz, a magic flute, harp and gaelic prayers, funk, scratching, a Prague horn section, improvisations for the Black Madonna and soundscapes from El Camino de Santiago; Tamar poetically tells the story of her brave and extraordinary journey from 2005 to 2010, through the deep landscape of Europe. The album features 40 outstanding musicians and artists from 12 different countries around the globe, who have all contributed exquisite performances and artwork which make “The Heart Notes”. The Production took place in some of Europe's finest recording, mixing and mastering studios: Sono Records in Praha, Czech Republic ("Once", The Film Soundtrack also recorded at Sono); Blind Records in Barcelona, Spain (home to Spainish & Catalan Recording Artists); Red Barn Studios in Dundee, Scotland; Top Cat Music Ltd (based on the premises of Real World) in Box, England and The Exchange Mastering Studios in London, England.